Biological evolution is a major unifying concept in modern biology and provides a conceptual framework that helps make biology a unified science. The centrality of evolution to modern biology has been acknowledged by a number of major scientific organizations including the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Academy of Sciences. As the appointed representatives of college and university biology professors from around the state, we expect that all students entering our colleges and universities have a clear and accurate understanding of the basic tenets of biological evolution so that they will be prepared for college-level biology classes.

Furthermore, we oppose attempts to have creationism (or its variants such as "scientific creationism" or "intelligent design") taught as science because these ideas are outside the scope of science. In order to properly prepare scientifically literate citizens/students, it is necessary for schools to teach biological evolution.

As professional scientists and educators, we offer our services to any faculty, administrator or school board who needs advice about how to best teach biological evolution.

Adopted on 07 November 2003 by the USG Biology Academic Advisory Committee represented by:

Ray Barber, Ph.D. - Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Kenneth Relyea, Ph.D. - Armstrong Atlantic State University
Emil K. Urban, Ph.D. - Augusta State University
Greg Hampikian, Ph.D. - Clayton College & State University
Eugene Keferl, Ph.D. - Coastal Georgia Community College
William S. Birkhead, Ph.D. - Columbus State University
John Lugthart, Ph.D. - Dalton State College
Steve Schenk, M.S. - Darton College
Jimmy Wedincamp, Ph.D. - East Georgia College
Donna Daugherty, Ph.D. Floyd College
Bill Wall, Ph.D. - Georgia College & State University
Jung H. Choi, Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology
Sheryl Shanholtzer, Ph.D. - Georgia Perimeter College
Stephen Vives, Ph.D. - Georgia Southern University
Steven Kudravi, Ph.D. - Georgia State University
Theresa L. Stanley, Ph.D. Gordon College
Ronald H. Matson, Ph.D. - Kennesaw State University
Eric L. Sun, Ph.D. - Macon State College
John Pasto, Ph.D. - Middle Georgia College
Terry Schwaner, Ph.D. - North Georgia College & State University
Gene Mesco, Ph.D. - Savannah State University
Carl Quertermus, Ph.D. -State University of West Georgia
Timothy Rhoads, Ph.D. - South Georgia College
Bill Burnett, Ph.D. - Southern Polytechnic State University
William Barstow, Ph.D. University of Georgia
David L. Bechler, Ph.D. - Valdosta State University