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Resolution in support of the March for Science

Approved by the Council and Membership at the 2017 Annual Meeting at Young Harris College (24-25 March 2017).

Whereas, The Georgia Academy of Science has a purpose which is, “the promotion of the interests of science” and

Whereas, the interests of science include education and communication with the public, and

Whereas, the Georgia Academy of Science recognizes that the promotion of science is not a partisan issue, and

Whereas, The March for Science Atlanta is a “celebration of science,” and

Whereas, the core principles of the March for Science Atlanta include, “science that serves the common good, cutting edge science education, open and honest science communication and inclusive public outreach, evidence-based policy and regulations in the public interest, funding for scientific research and its applications,” and

Whereas, the March for Science Atlanta seeks to implement goals that, “humanize science, partner with the public, advocate for open and accessible science, support scientists, and affirm science as a democratic value,” 

Therefore be it resolved, that the Georgia Academy of Science supports the March for Science Atlanta, to be held April 22, 2017.

Added 26 March 2017