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Benefits of Membership

Members of the Georgia Academy of Science receive a subscription to the Georgia Journal of Science. Academy members are also eligible for a reduced fee when registering for GAS annual meetings. Only members of the Academy (or students sponsored by members) are allowed to present their work at the annual meeting and publish in the Georgia Journal of Science.

Current dues are $35 U.S. for individuals ($50 International), $50 U.S. for institutions ($65 International), and $10 U.S. for students, per calendar year, payable at the time of submission of the application. Student membership does not include a journal subscription.

Apply online by filling out the form below and paying the first year's dues. 

Membership categories

Alternatively, you can submit your application by mail using these forms available in doc and pdf formats. Make a check payable to Georgia Academy of Science. The forms include information on where to mail your application.

Updated 3 Oct 2015

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